Home mods make life easier for Beth and Paul

Some people don’t like to think about getting older, preferring to make plans ‘when the need arises’.

Beth and Paul, from Middle Park in Brisbane’s South West, believe in planning ahead.

“The earlier you start planning for your later years, the better,” said Paul.

“Maintaining our home is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a four bedroom, two bathroom home with a pool and a big garden. We’re proud of our home. We’ve lived here for thirty years and have good friends around us. It’s our goal to stay living here for as long as possible, but we accept we need support to achieve that.

Beth and Paul at their home in Middle Park.

“A friend told us that we might be eligible for subsidised home maintenance and modifications. We phoned Centacare and they sent Scott around – one of their fully licensed handyman. Scott was great. He conducted a full assessment of our house and identified what we would need to keep us safe and secure in our house, both now and in the future.

Beth with Scott, Centacare's fully licensed handyman.

“He arranged for trusted tradesmen to clear out our gutters and to install new locks and rollers on our big sliding glass door. It was previously too hard to slide open, we couldn’t manage. It’s like a brand new door now,” said Paul.

Beth and Paul accessed these services under Home Assist Secure – a Queensland Government program aimed at helping older people live well in their own homes. Under this program, Beth and Paul were only required to pay for the parts and materials.

“Just being connected with reliable tradespeople was a great relief for us – we were able to ensure that the tradesmen we let into our home were honest, reliable and competent,” said Paul.

Centacare’s specialist team of licensed tradespeople and handymen will make sure your home is safe, secure and well maintained. They can install hand rails, ramps, smoke alarms and mobility aids, upgrade your home security, repair your white goods or leaky tap, trim your hedges and clear your gutters.

Would you like a free in-home safety assessment?

If you’re over the age of 60, you may be eligible for a free in-home safety assessment as well as subsidised services through Home Assist Secure. Centacare also provides home maintenance and modification services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program and as part of people’s Home Care Packages. Phone 1300 236 822 to find out more.