Support for people with dementia

Dementia will become part of many of our lives as we age, either as someone who experiences the condition, or as a partner, family member or friend of someone who does. As a dementia-friendly organisation, we provide our support workers with dementia training to help them understand dementia, learn strategies to communicate effectively with people living with the condition, and appreciate the impact that dementia can have on everyone involved.

Which of our aged care services will suit you best?

You can choose the type of support that will best help the person you love live well at home for as long as possible – whether that’s one of our caring support workers who comes to your home; support to get out in the community; or spending time with us at one of our social and community hubs.

Help us get to know your loved one

What are the established routines that work well for you and the person you care for? How can we manage transitions best? Tell us what brings comfort and what has been important in your loved one’s life, so we can create opportunities to connect with them.

Life changing dementia support for Elizabeth and John

A successful economist and business owner, John was a happy and easy-going man who was about to renovate his 4-bedroom Queenslander, when life was turned upside down. A perioperative stroke left the otherwise healthy father of seven children in need of full-time care. With funding from the Queensland Health Dementia Respite (QHDR) program, John was able to access the support and care he needed to continue his life in the home and community he loves. His wife Elizabeth has been able to return to her full-time work with the peace of mind that John feels safe, relaxed and cared for.

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Explore our aged care services

While caring for someone you love who has dementia can be rewarding, it can also be tough going, impacting your social connections, physical and mental health. We can support you in your caring role, and give you a break, confident that the person you love is in an environment where they feel comfortable, supported by someone who cares about them.

A little support makes a big difference for Dot

Kathryn, 64, has watched her mum’s dementia progress to the point that she now needs constant care. The second eldest of Dot’s six children, Kathryn manages a roster system, dividing up the week between herself and two siblings to ensure one of them are with her mum every evening. Our team feel privileged to walk alongside people like Kathryn and her mum Dot, 88, who’s a regular at both the Enoggera Social and Community Hub and Pechey Place Respite Cottage.

Read Kathryn and Dot's story

Three in 10 people over the age of 85 and almost one in 10 people over 65 have dementia. Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians, aged 65 years or older and the third leading cause of disability overall. In 2021, there were an estimated 28,300 people with younger onset dementia. (Dementia Australia)