At Centacare we share a common belief that we are all created equal and deserving of loving care. We also believe that for our people, care is a calling. This demonstrates their shared commitment to doing whatever they can to ensure that everyone in their communities is not just cared for, but cared about, in ways that help them live their fullest lives. Across aged care, community and pastoral care, disability care, Early EdCare and family and relationship care our teams walk alongside people on life’s journey, providing the support they need to achieve what is important to them at that moment and into the future. Often these teams come together to provide the holistic support a person needs to thrive. With our history steeped in the Catholic tradition we believe in offering loving care to all members of our community. For our people this means offering a listening ear, refraining from judgement and treating and caring for others as we would like to be treated and cared for ourselves.

How can we help?

Aged care

Supporting people to age well and enjoy life from the comfort of home.

Community and pastoral care

Providing practical support and spiritual care in times of need.

Disability care

Understanding and supporting the passions, aspirations and plans of people with disability.

Early EdCare

Sharing and supporting the aspiration of every parent to watch their child blossom and grow.

Family and relationship care

Supporting families, couples and individuals in all stages of relationships and in separation and crisis.

As the social services arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, Centacare supports people across South East Queensland from Hervey Bay in the North, to Kingaroy and Gatton in the West and down to the New South Wales border.

Centacare is guided by our vision, mission and values.

Our vision: Communities will be built on justice and transformed through faith, hope and love.

Our mission: To provide high quality care services to support people, strengthen families and build communities in the spirit of the Gospel.

Our Values:

  • Respect for the dignity of the individual
  • Integrity in the delivery of our care services
  • Equity and justice for those we support