Megan finds her calling in business

“Would you like to buy one today?” calls Megan confidently to customers strolling through the Caloundra Shopping Centre.

Along with some of her friends from Centacare’s Iluka Social and Life Skills Hub on the Sunshine Coast, Megan is selling bespoke potted succulents and reversible bandanas for dogs and puppies.

The pop up shop, held every second month, is part of a thriving enterprise created by clients from Iluka and their support worker Courtney.

From design to production to sales, everyone has a role to play in the venture and Megan’s is the business side.

“She’s totally owns it,” said Courtney, speaking of Megan’s commitment to the project, which is coming into to its fifth year.

“She’s been part of it since the beginning and takes great pride in her work – it’s her passion. She’s a natural business woman – she helps customers choose their product, collects payment and adds up the daily takings.

“She also keeps a ledger detailing stock levels and overall sales.”

The group have enjoyed great success selling their unique plant creations, which they make and design themselves using recycled pots and materials. Along with the pop up shop, they also sell through cafes including the popular Coffee Cat on Kings Beach.

The group recently expanded into pet accessories, recognising the growing popularity in this market, and are currently looking for suppliers.

While Megan has grown in all kinds of ways through the project, what has touched Courtney the most is the way she has taken a fellow client under her wing.

“She’s built a beautiful friendship and with one of the younger participants, who has just joined the hub,” said Courtney. She has shown a great deal of maturity in how she has approached this. For instance she asks her support workers for advice on how she can best support the younger participant – she really wants to learn and develop in this space. I find this exceptional.”

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