Jack captures highs and lows of recovery in new single

“There ain’t no doubt you’re gonna rebound, maybe someday new hope will be found…”

It’s a powerful message for people struggling with their mental health and one that Jack (AKA Spice Boy) imparts with honesty and courage on his latest track, Rebound.

During Mental Health Week earlier this month, we sat down with the 35-year-old rapper and recording artist from Coopers Plains to talk about his music career and his personal journey with mental illness.

“I started experiencing symptoms in my late teens and early twenties,” said Jack. “I couldn’t hold a job and found myself living on the streets.”

Jack was hospitalised for almost three years, which he says was the turning point in his recovery. He received specialist clinical assessment and a treatment plan, which included medication and help to secure safe and permanent accommodation.

In Rebound he eloquently describes the experience as ‘unscrambling an egg’.

After a period of specialist medical treatment and support, Jack is now working on re-establishing a good life in the community with the support of Centacare.

Jack in the recording studio.

While Jack recognises the key role that music plays in his recovery, he understands the importance of maintaining social connection, balance and structure in his life. “Hospital provided all the spokes on the wheel and Centacare helps me keep the wheel turning,” said Jack. This includes support with cleaning, preparing healthy meals, budgeting, grocery shopping and getting out and about in the community, including to the recording studio.

Music has been a long-time passion for Jack. He started writing hip-hop songs in his teens, has penned songs for freestyle rap artists and has released several albums of his own. These days he is working hard to stay on top of the latest in music technology, hunkered down in his mate’s recording studio, where he is mastering the use of AI and an array of plugins to create his desired sound.

Rebound is Jack’s first single after a break. Its lyrics carry a message of hope for his listeners. Listen to Rebound. Jack would like to thank his mate Mark (AKA Master Wolf) for his support and use of his recording studio.

Are you living with mental illness?

At Centacare, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a full and meaningful life. Our support workers will walk alongside you on your recovery journey as you build your skills, confidence and independence in the areas that matter to you the most. We deliver our mental health services in a respectful and inclusive way and recognise the importance of your family, friends, community on your recovery journey.