Support for the family and loved ones of those in prison

It can be a challenging time having a loved one in prison and it can be helpful to talk about your experience and the difficulties you face. Our social workers are available to support family and loved ones through this time. If you could benefit from speaking with someone you can contact our team to make an appointment.

If I am in prison when can I access your services?

Once you have a parole date set we have service that can support you in the three months leading up to your release. You or your next of kin must contact us to request support and we will send you a letter of offer. You must accept this offer of services and then our team can begin working with you.

How can you help me prepare for my release?

Pre-release counselling with our social worker is an opportunity for you to share your concerns and get support making plans for when you are released. This can be arranged via tele-link once you have accepted our offer of services.

How can you help me once I have been released?

Our team are here to support you re-enter the community after time in prison. They will take the time to hear your story and understand you needs and aspirations for the future. They can then assist with seeking accommodation and employment, referrals to doctors and other medical and social services and applying for pensions, among other things. Our social workers also providing counselling support to help you manage your transition back into the community.