Supported independent living

Whether you’re moving out of the family home or transitioning to community living from a hospital, health centre or other facility, we understand that home means much more than a roof over your head. It’s somewhere that’s safe and welcoming – a place where you are surrounded by people who you feel comfortable with and who support you well.

We offer a wide variety of supported living options to suit a range of people and circumstances. For those with complex needs, we have our own in-house behaviour support specialists who can work collaboratively with families, other providers and our own support workers to provide complete wrap-around care, tailored to individual goals.

You know more than anyone what’s important to you, which is why we’ll work closely with you and your family to understand what you need.

Why choose us?

Trusted partner

We’ve been connecting people with their ideal home since 1988 so you can rest assured we understand the journey you’re on and have the expertise to support you best.

More options

We support more than 180 people across more than 70 supported independent locations in South East Queensland. That gives us lots of options to pick from when it comes to helping you find your ideal home.

Experience with complex needs

We have our own registered psychologists, social workers and behaviour support specialists that can provide support, guidance and training for our teams with strategies to assist with challenging behaviour.

Well located properties

We want you to feel as connected to your local community as possible. Our properties are located in prime positions, close to shops, medical centres, public transport and parks.

Jim finds the kind of care that fits

Jim is a proud and capable man who gets satisfaction from the smaller things in life. When he was approved for the NDIS, his sister Karen helped him move into a share home where he’d have the opportunity to contribute to his own day-to-day care. He can make his own bed, assist with meal preparation and be part of household routines. These things give Jim an enormous amount of satisfaction and a sense of purpose, which contributes to his overall confidence.

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Who can get funding for Supported Independent Living?

The NDIS has published a useful Supported Independent Living Participant Information Pack, which includes detailed information on how SIL works.

Make contact with us.

We currently have very limited SIL vacancies available for new clients.  Please provide your contact details in the form below so that we can contact you once properties become available.  In the interim, we are able to provide information about SIL funding or assistance with guiding you through the funding application process.