Sorry business

Our team are here to support families across South East Queensland with sorry business, from Kingaroy and Cherbourg to Stradbroke Island and down to the Gold Coast. The team will assist your family making arrangements with a funeral home, connecting with a parish, priest or celebrant from any faith tradition, preparing the liturgy and booklets and painting stories on the casket.

If as a family you are struggling to decide on arrangements our team can work with everyone involved to reach the best outcome. When needed we can also provide assistance liaising with prisons to arrange someone to be released for the day to attend the funeral or for the coffin to be taken into the prison so they can contribute a story to the casket.

The sacraments

If you would like to arrange for a Catholic sacrament for yourself or a loved one including baptism, confirmation or first communion, the team at Murri Ministry can assist you. We can connect you with your local parish or one of the parishes who have a long history and relationship with first nations people. The team will also provide ongoing support to you as you prepare to recieve for the sacraments.

Connecting for reconciliation

The Murri Ministry team are dedicated to forging connections and bringing people together around reconciliation. We work with schools, parishes and community groups on truth telling and the systems and actions necessary for effective reconciliation. Our team provides resources and support to these groups for events they plan to mark days of Indigenous cultural significance including Sorry Day, National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.