Support coordination

The NDIS represents a great opportunity for many people with a disability to get the reliable, practical support they need to get on with life. As you may have discovered, navigating the NDIS can be complex. With so many options for support, working out how to use your funding can feel overwhelming. Our support coordinators are down to earth, friendly people, with the understanding and expertise that comes with experience and being a part of a large, specialist disability service provider. They’ll take the time to get to know you and connect you with the services you need to get the most out of your plan and achieve your goals. We can work with you in lots of different ways. Talk to us about how we can help support you best.

Our support coordination service is known as ‘Choices’. We’re called that because, in terms of providing support coordination services, we operate independently from Centacare’s other service delivery areas.

Our support coordination service

At home
At home

Support Coordination

Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Redlands

Our team will work with you to determine how to use your NDIS funding and connect you with the services that are best suited to helping you achieve your goals.

Feel confident knowing you’re getting maximum value from your NDIS plan

Whether you’re new to the NDIS, ready to work toward a new goal or want to explore options for a service that better meets your needs… we can help you to:

  • Navigate, learn and understand more about the NDIS and what’s available to you in your plan.
  • Get maximum impact from your plan so you can achieve your goals sooner.
  • Explore options for quality services and connect with the best services available to you from your NDIS plan and within your local community.
  • Build your skills and confidence to ensure you’re moving towards further independence.
  • Review your services to make sure they’re still working well for you. If you’re not happy with a service, we can help you to discuss your concerns with your provider or transition to a new one.
  • Prepare for your plan review, including collecting evidence, compiling reports and attending the meeting with you if you wish.
  • Get the ball rolling if your circumstances change and you need additional funding or a change in your current funding.
  • Resolve day-to-day and complex issues that may arise.
  • Negotiate service agreements with service providers.
  • Mediate and facilitate clear, open and transparent communication between stakeholders.

We know the NDIS

The NDIS is complex. But we know the score. We’ve been in the game, helping people navigate the scheme, take charge of their funding and get maximum value from their plans since 2016.

We're part of your community

Our support coordinators live and work where you do. They’ll draw on their in-depth local knowledge and established relationships to offer you the best, value-for-money supports and services available in your local area.

We're all about you

We take on fewer cases so we can spend more time getting to know you – your skills, your personality, how you want to work with us and what you want to achieve. If we keep you in the driver’s seat, we believe you’ll see real results, sooner.

Trusted, independent partner

We help you consider and assess all the service options available to you - from Centacare and from a range of other providers as well. Our job is to support you to find the options that are right for you, no matter which providers are involved.

Do you have funding for support coordination in your NDIS plan?

Our support coordination services can be accessed through Support Coordination under the Capacity Building section of your NDIS plan.

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